More than just effective communication and phone service.

Marcus Networking specializes in telecommunications centered on phone systems, cabling, and the network infrastructure also known as the “backbone”. The backbone starts with quality components and quality installation. However, once installed, if not properly documented, certified, tested, and maintained, it becomes just another tangled mess of spaghetti!


VoIP Services

Marcus Networking has expertise using various VoIP phone systems which bring multiple forms of communication together into one device.


The TEO System

TEO VoIP phone systems are a unified communications system that combines a wide variety of communication methods bringing them all into one place.


The Altigen System

Altigen’s VoIP business phone systems provides a unified communications foundation designed to improve the way you communicate today.

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Basic Telecom Services

General Cabling

Organization is key when installing cable whether for a new server room, phone system, internet applications or the expansion of existing services.  If your company is in need of cabling services regardless of whether it is from the point of demarcation or within your own location, Marcus Networking can complete these projects for you.  We have the experience that will give you peace of mind, so that you are able to focus on the necessary tasks at hand required to operate your business.  Marcus Networking provides cabling services in Arizona, California, and other locations around the country.

Dial Tone and Internet Services

Who is the appropriate service provider that will best suit the needs and budget of your company?  Marcus Networking is dedicated to helping you with anything and everything related to dial tone and internet services.  MNI can provide your business with competitive rates and services when deciding on which carrier to choose.  From finding a multitude of providers to assisting you in the implementation of service, Marcus Networking will help from start to finish.

MNI can provide a concise means of shopping and obtaining dial tone and bandwidth.  Instead of calling the wide variety of providers individually to get pricing, a single call to MNI will provide you with a quote from most of those providers.

An MNI quote will be at pricing that will be tough to beat, your service will be direct with the providers and you will have the combined support of MNI, the nation’s largest consolidator and your provider of choice.

If you would like to find out how this service can benefit you, now or in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Internet/PRI Turn Ups

If you are increasing your bandwidth, ordering more phone lines, or looking to do a PRI turn-up, Marcus Networking can handle these types of telecommunications projects for you.  We work alongside the service provider, bring the service from the point of demarcation to your specific location.  We run the voice/data cable for projects ranging from new construction to tenant improvements and remodels.  We provide VoIP phone systems to add to the efficiency of your business, and save money by eliminating costly bills.

Phone System Repairs/MACs

Is your company moving?  Do you need your phone system repaired?  Marcus Networking can provide repairs to phone systems in your office.  We can also fix issues such as requiring extensions to be renamed and the moving of extensions if an employee has left the company.  Marcus Networking can handle these requests under a monthly agreement of by the project for an hourly fee.



Marcus Networking can install surveillance systems to monitor employees and protect your building from theft. We can also provide you with key cards, so you don’t have the hassle and expense of changing locks once an employee leaves.

  • Cameras
    • Fixed
    • Fixed with zoom lens
    • Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) lens available as well
  • Surveillance Options
    • 4, 8, 16 Channel Digital Video Recorder capability
    • Motion sensors and site recording
    • Remote access and Internet site viewing available
    • Card Key and/or Key Pad Building Access


Marcus Networking works with Control4 to bring you state-of-the-art devices and security for your business.  MNI is able to help design and install systems with TV’s, speakers, projectors, lighting, climate controls and surround sound throughout your office.

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